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Mid Term Evaluation  Access to Markets for MAP Products 

Egypt 2014

UNIDO Egypt in collaboration with the Swiss (SECO) is providing support for the up-gradation of national value chain of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MAPs) and increasing the export potential of the local MAP products. The project works with clusters of exporters, traders, pre-processors, and growers in four governorates of Upper Egypt. As an international consultant, Ms. Umm e Zia led the  mid-term evaluation to assess project progress and provide recommendations for a potential follow-up project.

Access to Markets and Services for the Rural Poor 

Myanmar 2012 

Access to markets and support services is critical for income generation and ensuring food security. Under the study, Access to Markets and Support Services of Poor Households was assessed using the Rapid Market Assessment Approach.  The assignment was conducted across four states/divisions while assessing the role of existing and alternative livelihood opportunities and relevant support services. Analysis and recommendations were provided for improving value chains of Maize, Rice, Vegetables, Piggery, and Fishery products. The study was undertaken by Ms. Umm e Zia as an international consultant.

Program for Increasing Sustainable Microfinance (PRISM) 

Pakistan 2011

Assisted IFAD in undertaking the Mid Term Review of the Programme for Increasing Sustainable Microfinance (PRISM).Responsible for evaluating Knowledge Management component of the Program. Ms. Umm e Zia was contracted as an individual consultant to undertake the assignment. 

IFC World Bank.jpg
Wheat Project 

Pakistan 2011

Wheat is the major staple crop of Pakistan and both the public and private sector are involved in wheat trade. The IFC is assisting the Government of Pakistan in the establishment of modern grain storage units to ensure national and provincial food security. Ms. Umm e Zia was contracted to undertake an assessment of the national wheat value chain with a focus on logistics, processing, storage, and costs within the public and private sector value chains.

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Market Access for Oilseed 

Pakistan 2010

Assisted SNV in undertaking a Feasibility study for improved market access for Oilseeds. The assessment focused on introduction of alternative crops and linking smallholders to input services and markets. The feasibility study will provide a strategic backdrop for development of future projects in Pakistan and south Asia.

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Value Chain Impact Assessment Survey 

Pakistan 2010

The $35 million ILED project worked with small and medium scale farmers to enhance market access of seven agricultural products and rural services including Fruits, Vegetables, Potato, Maize, Poultry, and Dairy Development, Tourism, and Micro Hydel. Led the Value Chain impact assessment by using the ‘Score on Index of Value Chain Strength’ methodology and assessed increase in income and employment as a result of improved access to inputs and services.

Mid Term Review of Integrated Livestock and Crop Conservation Project

Bhutan 2009

Funded by GEF, the project is implemented by Ministry of Agriculture and aims to promote the conservation of important agro-biodiversity of 14 livestock and plant species in eight districts of Bhutan. Conservation measures include market-led initiatives such as linking producers to markets. Gender was a cross-cutting theme of the project. Ms. Umm e Zia was contracted as an international consult to conduct the MTR of the project.

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