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End of Project evaluation of Improved Productivity for Economic Development of Smallholder Women and Men Farmers in Pakistan

Pakistan 2016

To promote women’s property rights and productivity, enhance dairy livestock production, and strengthen small businesses to increase incomes of smallholder women and men farmers in three districts of Pakistan.

Cynosure Consultants (Pvt.) Ltd. undertook an environmental sustainability assessment for the DFID funded SAWRP (South Asia WASH Results Program). The objective of the assignment was to identify and assess the main project risks and develop suitable risks reduction measures for water resources (including groundwater) and water quality. Further the assessment provided evidence on how project partners are maximizing sustainability, climate and environmental opportunities, and reducing the risks for and of their proposed interventions in the target districts of Swabi, Thatta, and Umerkot.

Country Program Evaluation 

Pakistan 2016

Ms. Umm e Zia was contracted as part of the international mission to undertake the country program evaluation. The component evaluated by Umm e focused on rebuilding livelihoods of approximately 2.3 million repatriating IDPs (304,171 families) through land rehabilitation, seed distribution, establishment of orchards, and rehabilitation of irrigation infrastructure in the worst affected areas of South Waziristan, Kurram, Khyber, and North Waziristan Agencies.

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Research Study on Wheat Value Chain Governance For Sindh and Punjab

Pakistan 2015

Oxfam is implementing a project titled “Participation for Governance in Food Security” with financial support of European Union (EU) in selected districts of Pakistan. The overall objective of the project is to increase the participation and influence of poor and vulnerable in decision making processes related to food security in Pakistan. Specifically, the project aims to strengthen the capacities of poor and vulnerable women and men farmers, their organizations, empowering them to network and hold governments to account on their right to food security. The purpose of the project is to strengthen the capacities of vulnerable and poor farmers by supporting these groups to further organize in networks.

Cynosure Consultants(Pvt.)Ltd. has provided services to assess the market access of smallholder wheat producers and researched issues of governance in the value chain including government policy, the role of private sector market agents, processors, exports, and taxation, etc. The study was conducted in target districts of Multan and Sanghar.

Evaluation of FAO's  Floods Emergency Response in Sindh

Pakistan 2011

Large areas of Pakistan have been hit by unprecedented floods since 2010. To ensure the recovery of agricultural livelihoods and food security, FAO Pakistan assisted over 40,000 households in Sindh Province by providing support for three consecutive staple and cash crops.

Cynosure Consultants(Pvt.)Ltd. designed and carried out the Post-Harvest Survey and Impact Evaluation of the Project. The project focused on sunflower, rice, wheat, and vegetable crop production. Retained a team of 40 local men and women enumerators and supervisors. Undertook Value for Money (VfM) analysis of the crops reviewed.

Information Collection For Possible JICA's Assistance for the Agriculture Sector Development In Pakistan-Afghanistan Border Areas 

Pakistan 2012

 To establish a sound foundation for assistance to the agriculture sector, JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) commissioned a study to collect information on agriculture development in the border areas. Consultants (Pvt.) Ltd. undertook the study in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Federally Administered TA and Balochistan to collect information for the agriculture sector development in the border areas and fact-finding and status analysis of agriculture extension services in KP province .

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Impact Assessment of EC Food Facility Project

Pakistan 2012

The overall purpose of the Impact Assessment (IA) was to highlight all changes as a result of this intervention. The objectives of the IA were to assess:

  • Identify changes as a result of the project and the potential social and economic impacts of the project’s capacity building and inputs provision respectively on community and community based organizations.

  • The direct and indirect community, corporate sector and advocacy and sensitization related impacts of the project and identify the factors that are impeding or enhancing impact

  • The level of resilience of communities and community based organizations in adjusting or managing changes associated with potential food security trends in the future, and the capabilities to adjust to external shocks.

  • Recommending a way forward to adopt for addressing food security situation, developing safety net mechanisms in targeted area and at provincial and national level while incorporating the impacts accomplished through this project and propose the activities to be prioritized in this regard in the future.

  • Assess the effectiveness of the established linkages with the government departments and integration of these in the future programs.

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Market Assessment to Promote Smallholder role in Agriculture 

Pakistan 2011

Cynosure Consultants(Pvt.)Ltd. undertook the study in Khyberpakhtunkhwa, Federally administered tribal area and Balochistan to collect information for the agriculture sector development in the border areas and fact-finding and status analysis of agriculture extension services in KP province .

Impact Assessment Survey of Value Chain Activities in Mansehra & Bagh Districts 

Pakistan 2010

The $35 million ILED project works with small and medium scale farmers to develop the value chain of seven agricultural products including Fruits, Vegetables, Potato, Maize, Poultry, and Dairy.

Cynosure Consultants(Pvt.)Ltd. Conducted the impact assessment of value chain interventions by assessing increase in income and employment using the ‘Score on Index of Value Chain Strength’ methodology. This assessment is the first of its kind in Pakistan.

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Market Assessment for Monetization – Soybean

Pakistan 2009

Cynosure Consultants(Pvt.)Ltd. conducted a market assessment of soybean products worth USD 6 million in Pakistan to be monetized under USDA funded Food for Progress program. Recommended monetization of soybean meal for the first time in Pakistan. Proceeds will be used for livelihoods and capacity development of local civil society partners.

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