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Cynosure believes in giving back! Our CSR is women, children, and youth centric.

Cynosure’s CSR strategy and vision is to positively contribute to the areas of Livelihoods, Recreation and Sports, as well as Protection and Humanitarian Relief for all segments of society with a specific emphasis on women, children and youth.

We welcome partnerships with organizations and individuals in amplifying our outreach efforts.


Recreation & Sports

We believe that Recreation and Sports play a vital role in community development and well-being of society. Cynosure contributes actively to supporting children and youth in participating in Sports activities at community, national, and international levels.  


Women Welfare & Development

Being a woman-founded, women-led organization, women welfare is embedded in our core values. We do this through multiple approaches, i.e. provision of microbusiness loans, business development services, and philanthropic services. Recently, Cynosure collaborated with Dar ul Aman (Women Protection Centre) in Quetta, Pakistan to assist them in refurbishment of the center. This helped contribute towards the welfare and improving the living standards of the residents.


Humanitarian Relief

We support humanitarian relief efforts in natural disasters by quickly responding to the needs of affected communities. Our teams work closely with local authorities and partner organizations to assess the situation and provide immediate assistance such as food, shelter, and medical care. 

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