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Strengthening Gender-Inclusive Growth in Central and West Asia 

Pakistan 2018

The Sustainable Urban Solutions for Women's Economic Empowerment (the pilot project) is consistent with the ADB's Urban Operational Plan under Strategy 2020 which emphasizes a three-pronged agenda for "liveable cities that are economically competitive, socially inclusive, and environmentally attractive". The pilot project's objective is to promote women entrepreneurship and decent earning opportunities through developing gender-inclusive urban market spaces and enhancing the capacity of women entrepreneurs.

As an individual consultant, Ms. Munazza Zia was contracted to conduct: the situational analysis of districts Peshawar and Kohat to identify: (i) the challenges, risks and opportunities for women entrepreneurs related to; government's policies and legal framework, market infrastructure, transportation, financial capital, skills and knowledge and access to market information, key governmental and donor initiatives for promoting women entrepreneurship; (ii) the key profitable businesses for women entrepreneurs with comparative advantage, backward and forward market linkages and potential for growth; (iii) support networks for increasing women's access to business knowledge, skills and market information; (iv) role of technology (ICT, mobile phones etc.) in creating business opportunities for women; and (v) role of private sector (financial institutions, service providers such as cellular companies, others) in creating an enabling environment for women entrepreneurs.

Digital Empowerment of Women in KP

Pakistan 2017

The main objective of GIZ Support to Local Governance (LoGo) Programme is to strengthen the local government structures and dialogue-based systems of service­ delivery to meet the citizens' needs in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab. The Programme provides advisory services in three interlinked areas of strengthening local governance, increasing local revenue generation and enhancing state-citizen dialogue. Under the Result Area ‘State-Citizen Dialogue’ which focuses on feedback mechanisms for women and youth, GIZ is implementing a Training program on digital skills for female IT professionals, who are willing to update their skills, seek a career in the technology sector and promote equality in the society.

Cynosure Consultants(Pvt.)Ltd. provided the Detailed Stakeholder Analysis of the Women in IT sector in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Identification of 50 female IT professionals for training and mentor ship,  Arranging a Kick-off event for the shortlisted candidates from across Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and preparation of a Boot Camp in consultation with international experts to serve as an advocacy event for women in IT.

Gender and Livelihoods in Emergencies

Pakistan 2010

Assisted ILO in holding an ‘Expert Consultation on Recovery of Women’s Employment and Livelihoods in the Aftermath of Natural Disasters’. The outcome of the consultation was used to design a National Disaster Framework on Women’s Employment and Livelihoods.

Women Employment Concerns and Working Conditions In Pakistan (WEC-PK)

Pakistan 2008

Led a team of three consultants to assist ILO in mainstream Women’s Employment Concerns (WEC) into the curriculum of Pakistan Manpower Institute (PMI), a training institute set up under the Federal Ministry of Labor and Manpower. Developed linkages for the institute with key civil society partners like Action Aid, SDPI, etc.

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