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Evaluation of the Commonwealth Secretariat’s Consensus Building Programme

United Kingdom 2021

Cynosure Consultants was commissioned to conduct an evaluation of the Commonwealth Secretariat’s Consensus Building Programme which aimed to assess the Secretariat’s performance in utilizing its convening power, global presence, visibility and influence through its various Consensus Building processes and mechanisms such as the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, along with the Ministerial Meetings pertaining to multiple functional areas such as Youth, Gender, Finance, Foreign Affairs, Trade, and Law. Consensus building meetings and supportive processes convene high-level officials, ministers and heads of states to discuss, share knowledge and propose responses to common issues impacting the Commonwealth broadly and/or sub-groups of its 54 member states more specifically. Accordingly, the evaluation team also carried an in-depth review of four specific thematic areas (Rule of Law, Education, Health, Trade Connectivity) of the Secretariat’s work, profiling the various Consensus Building initiatives with the results achieved, impact generated, implications for future project and initiatives assessed, and lessons learnt gauged.

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Women in Policing: Leadership and Gender-Based Violence

Pakistan 2017

The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) in collaboration with the University of Queensland International Development (UQID) provided a two weeks training to 23 Pakistani women police officers in ‘Women in Policing: Leadership and Gender Based Violence’ short course award. As a partner organization, Cynosure Consultants (Pvt.) Ltd. provided facilitation and coordination services for the training held in Islamabad. In addition to managing the entire program, Cynosure facilitated the local and international consultants in design and delivery of the training.

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Devising Strategic Framework on Governance and Fragility

Pakistan 2017


The development of strategic framework for the governance and fragility programme is a key for the process of Oxfam’s Country Strategy (OCS). In reference to this context, Cynosure was hired to develop a strategy which guides Oxfam’s governance programming in Pakistan. A comprehensive strategic framework was devised which  set the direction of Oxfam’s governance programming and also helped the organization to capitalize on its experience from previous and current governance programmes and establish a shared understanding on possible approaches and guidance in terms of effective planning, quality implementations and monitoring of current and upcoming projects under the theme of governance and fragility. The strategy was based on an in-depth context analysis, key challenges and identified a wide range of approaches, a spectrum of tools and provided a variety of entry points.

Baseline Assessment of Local Authorities And Civil Society Organizations in Development of Flood Affected Population in Muzaffargarh and Rajanpur Districts, Pakistan

Pakistan 2015

The Local Authorities and Civil Society Organizations in Development of Flood Affected Population in Muzaffargarh and Rajanpur districts, Pakistan” is a three and a half year project, co-financed by Deutsche Welthungerhilfe (WHH) and European Union (EU) and implemented by Rural Development Policy Institute (RDPI). The 42 months project aims to build and promote an inclusive and empowered society by  improving access to services and resources for population excluded from policy making processes,  strengthening capacity of civil society organizations and  facilitate and encourage interaction between state and non-state actors in Pakistan.

Cynosure Consultants (Pvt.) Ltd. was responsible for undertaking an assessment of baseline situation in the target areas against project’s objectives, expected results, designed activities and the logical framework.

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Baseline Survey on Enhanced Democratic Accountability and Citizen Engagement (EDACE)

 Pakistan 2014

The Enhanced Democratic Accountability and Civic Engagement (EDACE) project works to strengthen constructive citizen-state relations by empowering citizens to know and exercise their rights through democratic processes and fostering state capacity to use democratic processes to respond to citizens’ priorities in a timely, transparent, and accountable manner. In order to establish baseline values for various project indicators. DAI retained the services of Cynosure Consultants (Pvt.) Ltd. to undertake the “Baseline Survey.”The study was undertaken through a combination of desk research and primary information gathered during the Inception Meeting, EDACE Integration Workshop, (18) Key Informant Interviews, (955) Household Interviews, and Focus Group Discussions with (480) beneficiaries targeting a total of 1435 individuals.

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Baseline Study on the Status of Compliance of Federal Agencies Responsible For Child Protection with the UNCRC 

Pakistan 2010

Cynosure Consultants(Pvt.)Ltd coordinated the assessment of Federal Agencies compliance with UNCRC. The assessment covers all articles of the Convention.

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