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Assessment of Potential Centers of Excellence and Development of Arrangements
for (work-based) vocational training

Pakistan 2019

The Build4Skills programme promotes the use of infrastructure projects to provide opportunities for practical on-site

training. Inspired by Germany’s dual system of vocational education and training – where nearly 80% of training is spent at the actual workplace, the initiative centres on promoting practically relevant in-company training. Over the longer term, Build4Skills seeks to ensure that TVET becomes a standard feature in public invitations to tender for large infrastructure projects. Recent discussions with the Asian Development Bank in the context of their anticipated “Improved Workforce Readiness in Punjab Project” (IWRPP) led to translating this initiative into joint action. To this end, Cynosure was hired to: (a) Undertake an assessment of at least 05 TVET institutes that are shortlisted as possible centers of excellence (COEs). (b) Develop operational arrangements for the implementation of B4S, including those pertaining to the conduct of work-based training and the delivery of in-class instruction, as a component of the ADB’s IWRPP. This will include specifying all aspects of B4S arrangements.

Consultant Service For Capacity Development Of Technical And Vocational Centers In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Islamabad, Pakistan 2014

Under the framework of JICA’s cooperation for stabilization and development of the Pakistan-Afghanistan border areas,  the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa requested technical cooperation project for capacity development of the Government’s Technical and Vocational Centers to provide quality technical and vocation education and training (TVET) services. 

In response to this request, JICA will support Directorate of Technical Education and Manpower Training (DoTEMT), Peshawar to enhance in-service teachers' capacity in machinist and electrician trades and will provide workshop equipment to Government Technical Teachers Training Centre (GTTTC) at Peshawar as well as three Government Technical & Vocational Centers in Peshawar (Gulbahar), Haripur (Ghazi) and Swat (Mingora). In order to provide quality TVET services, it was deemed important to carry out the needs assessment and information collection on TVET system in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP). Therefore; JICA commissioned Cynosure to conduct a study to assess the needs and collect information on TVET system for the capacity development of technical and vocational centers in KP. The two fold objective of the study was to collect information of 3GTVCS and GTTTC of target Machinist and Electrician course in KP to identify current level and issue and  conduct survey on needs of major employer of KP and Punjab province.

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