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Impact Assessment – Empowering Pakistani Women through Financial Inclusion and Economic Growth

Pakistan 2021

The scope of the the impact assessment covered the period of the first phase of the project which involved the training and onboarding of the JCGBs and start of their business activities in 2020. The purpose of the assessment was to better understand the impact and perceived value of the project activities for two of the project’s target groups: a) the women sale agents participating in the program; and b) the customers of the women sale agents. The assessment therefore sought to determine the self-defined positive and negative changes which mattered to the target groups based on their own qualitative evaluation. Moreover, the Consultant also assessed any changes on the relevant areas of women’s empowerment.

Impact Evaluation Study Gawadar-Lasbela Livelihood Support Project

Pakistan 2020

The Impact Evaluation of the IFAD-supported Gwadar – Lasbela Livelihoods Programme (GLLSP) was conducted in December 2019. The findings of this IE also served to inform the GLLSP Project Completion Report (PCR), which was also undertaken by Cynosure Consultants. This impact evaluation covered all evaluation criteria adopted by IOE in its evaluation manual, namely: relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact, sustainability, gender equality and women’s empowerment, innovation and scaling up, and performance of partners (IFAD and Government). In line with IOE’s methodology, impact was assessed across five specific domains, including: (i) household income and assets; (ii) human and social capital and empowerment; (iii) food security and agricultural productivity; (iv) natural resources, the environment and climate change; and (v) institutions and policies.

Project Completion Review (PCR) Gawadar-Lasbela Livelihood Support Project

Pakistan 2020

The IFAD Project Completion Review (PCR) of GLLSP was undertaken by Cynosure. The exercise was carried out in accordance with IFAD PCR Guidelines and OECD DAC principles. Accordingly, the PCR was informed by review of project M&E data and reports, key informant interviews at the institutional level, and focus group discussions.

Situational Analysis and Baseline Survey of LACIP Phase II

Pakistan 2017

With the total grant of EUR 10 million, Phase-II of LACIP has been planned for three years (2017-19) in 40-60 village councils (VCs) of 10-15 union councils (UCs) belonging to three districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) province, namely; Buner, Shangla and Lakki Marwat. The proposed program districts have been selected keeping in view extreme poverty in the area. The Project funds are proposed for infrastructure development, livelihood support and social mobilization in the selected village councils. The proposed interventions will be in line with the revised strategy (approved by KfW) and PPAF criteria of community based, demand driven approach. Cynosure was contracted to undertake a household survey of the selected Union Councils in the target districts. The baseline survey (using PSC and other questions related to component-wise KPIs) was  conducted with carpet coverage of 38,000 households in the identified 12 UCs and 50 VCs. 

                Human Security Through Inclusive Socio Economic Development  

Egypt 2017

The UN Trust Fund for Human Security has supported five UN agencies to implement HAYAT, a joint program in the one of the poorest regions of Upper Egypt. Led by the UNIDO, the project has been implemented by ILO, UN Women, UN Habitat, and IOM. Program components include Human Security Forums, Village Savings and Credit Schemes, Youth Volunteer Services, Integrated Counselling and Referral Service for Employment, Agriculture Value Chain development, and Clean Drinking Water Schemes. The project has directly assisted more than 150,000 beneficiaries across the Edwa and Maghahgha districts. Ms. Umm e Zia led the terminal Evaluation of the project. 

Support to RAHA III Implementation in Pakistan

Pakistan 2016

AHT in consortium with the National Engineering Services Pakistan (Pvt) Limited (NESPAK) Consulting engineers has been awarded the contract for the RAHA project. AHT subcontracted a part of the contract to Cynosure Consultants for assistance in implementing selected components of the assignments. In this regard, Cynosure facilitated provision of sector experts for development of Knowledge Support Concepts and Organization of trainings, provision of administrative assistance and other technical backstopping during the course of the assignment were the tasks assigned to Cynosure Consultants (Pvt.)Ltd.

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